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Vote in the second round for WSU's homecoming uniform

Pick out your finest homecoming attire.

WSU Athletic Communications

After the first round of voting for the homecoming uniform combination, a top four has been narrowed down for Cougar Fans. Colors are reported for the helmet / jersey / pants, and in parenthesis we'll show the percent and total of the respondents to our unofficial CougCenter poll.

You can vote for the final uni combo for WSU here

  • No. 8 - White / Crimson / White (12% - 90 votes)
  • No. 10 - Crimson / Crimson / Gray (10% - 77 votes)
  • No. 12 - Gray / Crimson / Anthracite (15% - 119 votes)
  • No. 13 - Crimson / Gray / Crimson (6% - 43 votes)

It appears our little informal poll correctly identified the three front-runners, but most everything else was only separated by a couple handfuls of votes. Kudos to WSU Athletics for coming up with so many options people liked.