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Oregon vs. WSU football: Baxter's beer of the game

Everybody's favorite Pekapoo, Baxter, is back with his beer of the game for Oregon vs. WSU on Saturday night.

Last week, Baxter and I decided to go with a Boulder beer to pair with the Cougs' game against the Colorado Buffaloes. We were going to keep that theme going, and I was going to order some Ninkasi for delivery this week.

Then the terrible happened, and that idea was ditched forever. In fact, I decided in the immediate aftermath that this week I might just need to go with whiskey instead of beer. That wasn't the case, but the choice is close.

For tonight's game, I'm bringing you back East to the Allagash brewery in Portland, Maine. My girlfriend and I spent some time in Portland last fall, and it is a great city. Lots of beautiful rocky ocean coast, lighthouses and, of course, breweries.

While in Maine, we visited Allagash and took a tour of their facility. They produce Belgian-style beers like whites, dubbels, and tripels. Allagash makes some of the finest Belgians this side of the Atlantic. Their flagship beer, White, takes up about 70 percent of their production, but they time to produce lots of other awesome offerings.

I sampled Allagash Curieux when I was at the brewery. It is Allagash's Tripel (which is delicious) aged in bourbon barrels from Jim Beam. I picked some up at the store this morning and Baxter agreed that it should be his beer of the game.

Fun fact: Kentucky Bourbon can only be made in unused barrels. A large secondary industry is selling those barrels, mostly to distillieries in Ireland and scotch makers. Recently, American craft brewers have decided to use the barrels to age some of their fine beer.

Craig's Review: I don't remember everything about the beer, as I sampled it almost a year ago. I do remember a distinct sweetness and harshness from the Bourbon. The tripel also stood out, with a sort of yeasty, malty flavor. It was certainly good enough to try again.

The beer packs a punch at 11 percent, and it comes in a wine-bottle sized container. I'll be feeling pretty good by the end of it.

Baxter's review: It stings the nostrils, but not in a good way.

As an added bonus, I'm having some friends over tonight. As we speak, there is pork shoulder in the slow cooker soaking in some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I spent the morning smoking it on my grill. I'll be making some BBQ sauce with the beer/fat juices.

I went through this same process a few weeks ago. It was spectacular.

So that is what Baxter and I will be enjoying this evening as we watch the Cougs take on the Ducks. What we will you be having?