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WSU vs. Oregon: Mike Leach's postgame thoughts

WSU Cougars coach Mike Leach was fairly upbeat after his team hung tough with the No. 2 Ducks for a half before faltering in the second half of a 51-26 loss. It was a stark change from the week before.

Leach noted that the team came out a little too amped up at the beginning of the game, trying too hard to make a play.

"We started out frantic. That happens. I’ve had teams who have never come out of it. They know they are playing a good opponent and they try to do too much. We battled away. Some of our field goals should have been touchdowns. We gave them two relatively easy touchdowns early. I think if we played with more control, we wouldn’t have. We played pretty courageously throughout the rest of it."

Also speaking after the game were Marquess Wilson and Connor Halliday. The former set the school's career record for receiving yards after racking up 184 with a touchdown against the Ducks.

"There’s been a lot of great receivers come out of Washington State. This is a great feeling. It would have been a lot better with a win, but it’s great to know your name is in the record book."

Halliday, meanwhile, lamented not being able to take advantage of more of the opportunities out on the field.

"I have to be able to go through my reads when I feel pressure. For the most part in the open field they brought three or four. When we got inside the 30, they brought a lot. I missed a couple of hot routes and a couple of reads."