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No. 25 WSU vs. No. 12 Oregon: Baxter’s beer of the game

GameDay. Oregon. Baxter. Beer.

ESPN College GameDay is coming to our city for WSU vs. Oregon. Baxter knows that requires a special beer, and one that maybe demonstrates some supply and demand economics.

We’ve highlighted Holy Mountain on here before, so I’m not gonna dive into what they are all about (aside from good beer and kickass branding). The beer this week is Holy Mountain Hand of Glory. It’s a barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, then aged in apple brandy barrels. It’s hefty, and it’s limited—just two per person at the brewery on release day.

I picked this beer because it’s perceived value is similar to that of a ticket to WSU vs. Oregon. Hand of Glory was $20 initially. Now, in what we call the “secondary market”, you may see it go for $150 or more. Tickets to WSU vs. Oregon are getting similar markups.

So, I could sell this beer and make a nice profit, just like I could sell my two tickets to the game on Saturday for a nice profit. I’m choosing to drink the beer, just as I am choosing to go to the game. Both are unique experiences that I think will pair nicely together.

That being said, I don’t judge or begrudge those that are selling their tickets for some extra cash. If that’s what people want to pay, then so be it.

I go into this a little deeper in the video. It’s my longest beer diatribe yet, so have fun:

So that’s what Baxter and I will be having this weekend. What will you be imbibing for College GameDay and WSU vs. Oregon?