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CougCenter gives you prop bets for the game against Stanford

Need to make a friendly wager but can't come up with the terms? Maybe to settle who buys the next round at the bar? We got you covered. Here are some betting lines for entertainment purposes only of course.

Michael Heiman

Don't be the guy (or girl!) that says "if this next pass is incomplete you're buying the next round!". You're better than that. Here at CougCenter; the Brians, the Jeffs, the Kyles, Mark, Craig and Michael came up with some betting lines you can use for your own recreational purposes. Make bar bets, living room bets with friends (or Baxter like companions if that's who's around), comment section wagering on these lines is highly encouraged. I think we can even check in on Mr. Sherwood via twitter to get a real time update on his alumni function progress toward the probable "over".

Again this is for entertainment only and CougCenter is not taking any money from anyone, or giving out cash/prizes

CougCenter prop bets for 10/27/2012 against the Stanford Cardinal
Josh Nunes pass completions - O/U 15.5 (AVG is 16.7)

Number possessions until the Cougs score - O/U 2.5

Rushing yards for Stepfan Taylor - O/U 200 (AVG 121)

Stanford rush attempts - O/U 40.5 (AVG 37)

Odds the first Stanford TD is not scored by a tight end - (+150)

Attendance at The Farm - O/U 45,138 (AVG 45,789)

Tackles by Deone Bucannon - O/U 10.5

Sacks by Travis Long - O/U 1.5

Jeff Tuel TD passes - O/U 2.5

Wilson receiving yards - O/U 100.5

Coug rushing yards - O/U 50.5

Tuel gets sacked - O/U 6.5

Airplane drinks Kyle can consume between Sea and SFO - O/U 5.5

Beers Kyle can consume at an alumni function before the game - O/U 6.5

Number of kids in Halloween costumes - O/U 7.5

Number of references to San Francisco Giants in World Series - O/U 2.5

How many times Andrew Luck is brought up - O/U 15.5

How many times a QB controversy at WSU is brought up - O/U 10

Number of pirate references - O/U 134.5

Which will happen first; a Marquess Wilson drop or a Jake Rodgers false start? Rodgers (-200)

Gallon of tears wept by Mr.. Preston by halftime - O/U 30

Number of spare lives required by Connor Halliday if he was playing - O/U 3

Number of Texas Tech references - O/U 4

Number of you here at CougCenter that knew Rolling Rock was Mr. Preston's favorite beer - O/U 5

Here's a line that we can call poll wagering
Where are the most CougCenter members watching the game? I'll set it to close just before kick off