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Inside the Play: Watch for 'mesh' when WSU takes on Stanford

One of the staples of Mike Leach's Air Raid offense, a successful "mesh" play led to WSU's first touchdown from Jeff Tuel to Brett Bartolone against Cal. We break it down for you so you can spot it when you watch the Cougs take on Stanford later today.

And .... we're back!

It's been a busy few weeks around the Nusser household, and it's been difficult to find time to do another one of these videos. But, with the help of one Jeff Collier, I was able to squeeze one in at the end of this week just in time to give you something to chew on before the Cougs take the field against Stanford later today.

Brian Anderson already wrote a great piece on some of the different Air Raid staples WSU ran effectively against Cal, so I decided to pick one -- mesh -- and explore it with moving pictures. (With a nice assist from the new SMART board in my classroom.)

As I note in the video, you'll see variations of this play repeatedly today; impress and amaze your friends by pointing it out every time because it's A) A play with distinctive routes, and B) One of the few passing plays where the distinctive routes are generally on your screen because they take place so close to the line of scrimmage.

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Oh, and if you're wondering about the new aerodynamic hair cut, you can learn more about that here. I don't have a good reason for the glasses, though, other than just not feeling like putting my contacts in yesterday.