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Players of the Week: WSU vs. Stanford edition

We finally saw a glimpse of what this offense is supposed to be. Can Tuel continue this success?

well this is awkward
well this is awkward
Tony Medina

The loss to Stanford was pretty heartbreaking. We were left with a ton of "what ifs", and instead of celebrating an upset victory and feeling great about ourselves, we're stuck debating moral victories and improvement. The life of a Cougar fan is not an easy one, but that means the victories are even sweeter, I suppose. So let's upset Utah, ok? I just hope the MUSS doesn't rush the field on accident.

Mark Rypien Offensive POTW:

Jeff Tuel -- 43/60, 401 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 10 sacks (!)

Tuel was sacked 10 times? Holy cow. I know we talked about how poorly the offensive line played, and it seemed like he was sacked a million times, but to actually see the number in double digits is a bit alarming. Tuel threw a costly interception that was returned for a TD -- a TD that wound up being the difference in the game -- but looked great other than that. He was finding receivers in space, and not forcing much. His 72% completion percentage is a welcome change from the low 50s we've seen all year.

Marquess Wilson had a nice day, snagging 9 passes for 100 yards. Dominique and Kristoff Williams both had nice days as well, catching a TD each. In the end though, it's tough to argue against Tuel here.

Steve Dildine Defensive POTW:

Justin Sagote -- 7 tackles, 4 solo, 0.5 sacks, 1 FF

I almost went with Deone Bucannon again, but I feel like Sagote's been playing extremely well all year without much recognition. Bucannon led the way with 10 tackles, but Sagote forced a fumble that unfortunately bounced right back to Stanford QB Josh Nunes, or the game might have ended differently. For a guy who came in without much pub at all, Sagote has been one of our best defensive players. The additions of Sagote and Ioane Gauta have been pleasant surprises, as I can't remember the last time two JC transfers were this important on defense. But that's probably because I can't remember when anyone was important on defense.

Darryl Blunt Special Teams POTW:

Wes Concepcion -- 2 punts, 82 yards, 41.0 average, L51

WHAT? Yes, our special teams was pretty unspectacular this past weekend, so I went with the walk-on punter who took over after Michael Bowlin forgot how to punt. Not sure what happened to Bowlin, but I haven't seen that many shanks since the last time I watched Oz. Concepcion came in and booted one 51 yards. At first, I was happy because I thought it meant Bowlin had it figured out. Then I realized it wasn't Bowlin, but #10. Then I went, wait, WHY IS TUEL PUNTING? I was so confused. I promise alcohol had nothing to do with it.


Last week's predictions:

Starting QB, Deone Bucannon, Andrew Furney

1/3, and I could have given myself 2/3, but I don't want Jason accusing me of cheating at my own game.


Next week's prediction:

Gabe Marks, Travis Long, Brett Bartolone


(stats vs. Stanford)

(2012 season stats)