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WSU vs. Stanford: Popcorn Guy steals the show in Seattle

The game was mostly terrible for Washington State, but one fan hung around until the fourth quarter a provided a little humor for all.

Your new life coach and hero.
Jeff Collier

The Washington State Cougars may have been crushed by the Stanford Cardinal on Saturday night at CenturyLink Field, but their fans win once again in doing weird things that the internet likes. Last year it was fireball-chugging on ESPN2 against UCLA. This season, it is popcorn-chugging on ESPN.

Not much was happening on the field, as Stanford was cruising to an easy 55-17 win. Luckily the ESPN camera crew was on the hunt for the B-roll and caught this WSU fan trying to get those last few kernels of popcorn out of the bag (thanks to gif-maker guy Jeff Collier):


Are you still looking for someone to call your hero? Do you still need a spirit animal? It looks like this guy can fill both those roles for you. He just poured popcorn all over himself on national television, and is just going to let it sit there as the rain does the cleaning work for him.

That deserves a "Go Cougs," even on a night when WSU football gave little reason to cheer.