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WSU vs. UCLA football: Baxter the Pekapoo's beer of the game

Baxter made sure I got to the beer store on time to get one of Vermont's most popular and hard to find brands.


The internet's best dog beer columnist is back with his beer selection for WSU's game against UCLA. This actually may serve as the beer for the basketball game against Eastern Washington, but you'll never know!

Baxter had a rare experience last night. The girlfriend and I came home from a movie and decided we needed milkshakes. It was late, so fast food was the only option. We brought Baxter with us as we made our way to the place with the big yellow M. He has rarely experienced a drive-through window, and he seemed annoyed that the people walking around inside didn't want to talk to him and shower him with praise. Baxter has a fragile ego.

This week we made a timely trip to our favorite beer store to make sure we caught Friday's shipment of Lawson's Finest Liquids. Sean Lawson produces some of the most innovative and delicious beers in the country, not just the state of Vermont, but he has a small capacity for production and there is only one place in the Burlington area to pick up bottle of his heavenly liquid. The beer is so hard to come by that I was only allowed to buy one bottle.

I've never met a Lawson's beer I didn't like. They specialize in IPAs and Maple beers (because, Vermont). The offering at the beer store this week was Jade IPA. Jade is a new type of hop from New Zealand, and it has a unique and distinct flavor.

Craig's review: I first tried this beer on Halloween at an event called "Hoptober" held by a local taphouse. The Jade hops leave an aroma and flavor that I hadn't smelled or tasted before. The beer starts very smoothly, as the bitterness doesn't hit hard. The hop finally kicks in as the beer hits the back of thentongue. It leaves a really crisp aftertaste, and the IPA finishes clean.

Jade is unlike any IPA I've had, and I'm excited to see how the variety of hop will be used in the future. It provides a drinkability that would have a more wide-ranging appeal.

Baxter's review: Unfortunately, I haven't yet had the opportunity to try the beer, because Craig only brought one bottle home. Not sure why he did that. It's just been a bad week all around, as I met some people last night that seemed to want nothing to do with me. Who wouldn't want to talk to me? I am so awesome.

So that, along with some leftover homemade butter chicken, will be what Bax and I are enjoying this evening. What will you be having?