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WSU vs. Utah final score: Utes win football game over Cougs, 49-6

Tire fire.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Washington State fans have been wanting it to happen all season, for the Cougar football team to put together a complete effort on both sides of the ball. They finally did it in losing 49-6 to the Utah Utes on Saturday.

This was an all-out effort for the whole team. From offensive failures to defensive struggles, this was indeed a 60-minute football game full of terrible. Even Utah's backups were scoring touchdowns.

We wondered if WSU could string together two straight good performances. They didn't. They absolutely didn't. We are idiots for wondering though. When will we stop being idiots? Probably never. Stupid football.

Mike Leach will now miss out on bowl season for the first time in his head coaching career. The Cougars will go without a bowl for the ninth consecutive season.

The Cougars looked like they may be able to be competitive today, as they moved quickly into Utah territory on their first drive. That series would stall, and Utah wouldn't look back. It was 21-0 in the first and 31-0 at halftime. This game was never close.

Jeff Tuel started, then Connor Halliday came in, then Tuel returned. So, pretty much the same as every other game.

I'm angry. Not that the Cougs faceplanted. I'm mostly angry about last week, when WSU took a top-25 team to the brink on the road. If they wouldn't have done that, I probably wouldn't have cared at all about this game. Stupid game against Stanford. If you are going to suck, WSU football, just suck consistently, please. Ranging between different levels of suck makes it hard on your fans.

WSU faces UCLA at home this next weekend. They will probably lose. It may be close, it may be another blowout. We just know they will lose. Consistency! Go Cougs?

Oh hey, they scored a touchdown! At least Leach has still never been shut out.